Katrina Peebles CPA, EPA, ETMA, MSc, BSc

Katrina is a UK Chartered Patent Attorney and a registered European Patent Attorney.

Katrina has a BSc in Biochemistry with Microbiology and Biotechnology from St Andrews University and an MSc in Management of Intellectual Property Law from University of London. She joined a firm of patent and trade mark attorneys in London where she rose to being an equity Partner before leaving in 2010 to have children. Katrina now acts as a Consultant to various firms and is an Honorary Lecturer at Dundee University.

Within the biochemical field Katrina has substantial experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications and has worked for individual inventors, universities and multi-national companies. She handles many areas of biochemical inventions, including therapeutics and diagnostics. Katrina has also carried out due diligence for a company floatation on AIM.

Katrina also has extensive experience of prosecuting and defending trade marks, including famous trade marks, all around the world. As well as considerable experience before the UK and European Trade Mark Registries, Katrina has international experience coordinating the prosecution and defence of clients’ trade marks in many international forums including the Chinese Supreme Court. However, Katrina also understands the need to be pragmatic in trade mark cases and has negotiated many co-existence agreements.